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The Metro Proponent brand has always been, since its creation in 2009, an “in-kind donations” community resource. Main focus creatively emphasizes on the interests of young professionals, entrepreneurs, and minorities of all races. The Metro Proponent brand was built one day at a time.

- Metro Proponent, INC


The Metro Proponent Foundation INC (MPF) is the non-profit entity within the brand. The foundation was formed at the end of 2010 and has worked along with dozens of partnering 501C(3) non-profits and other agencies. Each season MPF has donated time and resources to assist in fundraisers, back to school drives, food drives, coat drives, feed the homeless initiatives, sickle cell, breast cancer, gang prevention, and domestic violence awareness, and various women’s empowerment events.


We strive to cultivate entrepreneurship by aiding underrepresented areas. We have a strong emphasis on the children within the community. dedicated to helping young people realize their human potential through education, income stability and healthy living. We host focus groups in our targeted communities and continuously gather input from those we plan to serve. We are currently seeking growth and consider ourselves an active visionary.

Planned Activities

We will apply for Federal, state and foundation grants and other funding to support and grow the foundations initiatives. We will host a variety classes at our office and other community centers in evenings and weekends. There will be a continued effort on data collection to determine focus. We will advertise our services utilizing the Metro Proponent’s brand and marketing reach to the entire community.

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